Indoor/Outdoor programs at Surrey Hills Day Care Centre are prepared with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals such as language, literacy, mathematical and science based concepts as well as the creative arts (art, music, and dance), development of life skills (social/emotional and independence skills), problem solving and investigation. The Early Years Learning Framework facilitates the basis of the weekly programs with a focus intentional teaching concept and opportunity for spontaneous experience and play.

Each child’s individual needs and interests form the foundation of our curriculum; educators extending children’s interest, spontaneous experiences, family input and encouraging children to move instinctively around the learning environment. We value and encourage children to engage in risk taking; learning and understanding their world and making connections with the natural environment. Our programs take into consideration the multi-cultural backgrounds of the community while promoting an atmosphere of inclusiveness.  Each child’s learning will be based on their interests and strengths and guided by our educators and subsequently implemented within our programs. Our curriculum is evaluated and reflected upon each week by our educators and from this we are able to plan, moving forward.