Our Philosophy

Surrey Hills Day Care Centre embraces a holistic approach to early childhood learning, where children’s rights and best interests are paramount.

At the core of our approach to learning and care is the belief that all children ought to feel empowered, secure, nurtured and loved. We believe all children deserve choices, autonomy, consistency and access to education.

We create an environment where the whole centre community feel like they belong and are respected. An environment that is exciting, accepting, stimulating, encouraging, and reflective of different cultures, beliefs and needs.

Central to our curriculum is a working partnership between educators, families and the community. We ensure individual values and ethics are supported and incorporated into the program. Our teaching decisions and pedagogy are guided by these beliefs and the incorporation of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Opening Hours

Surrey Hills Day Care Centre is open from 7.00am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Our centre will close on Public Holidays and between the Christmas and New Year period.

Aims and Objectives

 To provide a nurturing environment that enables them to grow and extend their skills.
 To develop their freedom of expression and to extend their feelings of self worth.
 To participate in a developmentally appropriate program which is flexible and sensitive to the changing needs, moods and interests of the children.
 The program will acknowledge contributions and extend their curiosity and confidence in their abilities.
 To develop an appreciation for each other no matter of race, gender, culture or ability.
 To gain an understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live.
 To be made welcome in the centre and feel comfortable with the program being provided for their child.
 To develop a partnership with the staff based on mutual respect.
 To be offered resources to enhance their parenting skills.
 To be encouraged to make suggestions or comments to staff regarding our programs and activities.
 To be actively encouraged to participate in the program.