The information gathered about each child is collated and included in their individual learning portfolio. Portfolios are a holistic way of providing insight and a synopsis of learning and development over a period of time. They are an individual collection of organised, purposeful information and items that provide insight and an overview of learning and development over time. Our portfolios are visual records including observations, photographs, learning stories, artefacts, reflections, analysis and input gathered from families. Portfolios provide children and families the opportunity to become involved in a collaborative process where contributions are welcomed and the evidence of learning is visible and fluent. Our portfolios are easily accessible to families, children and educators alike on each room’s IPad’s, offering all stakeholders the opportunity to be involved in the collaborative process where all contributions are welcomed and add to the understanding of children’s learning in family and community contexts.  We see this interface as important in our setting at Surrey Hills Day Care Centre, as it is an interwoven and complementary consolidation of the whole, involving discovery, reflection, evaluation and communication.